The Great Cut ; A party unlike any Partypop has amplified before! Click here to see why.

Partypop is known for doing events. Parties. Big parties. Shoot, that is why its called Partypop after all! The social experience amplifier. Everyone knows the catch phrase that it's not a party without Partypop. With all of that established, what the heck is Partypop doing at an event called the Great Cut for? What even is the Great Cut? Are we eating Partypop popcorn all day and experiencing a Great Cut in weight because of the low calorie count? Is our excitement from dancing around because of the hype Partypop brings going to be a calorie burner to cut weight? While both of those do happen regularly, the Great Cut was a cut of different proportions with an even more epic outcome.

The Great Cut was a Guinness Book of World Records breaking event that saw 339 lbs of hair donated to an organization known as Children with Hair Loss (CWHL). The Longhairs, a men's hair care company that specializes in Hair Ties for Guys, organized the event and is a partner of CWHL. CWHL is an amazing charity that makes wigs for kids that have medically related hair loss. Now that we have the background story let's dive into the day of the event.

March 16th, 2019 at 8 am Partypop pulls up to the Port Pavilion in beautiful downtown San Diego and it is a spectacle like no other. Music bumping. People dancing and high fiving. Hair is being cut like there's no tomorrow. The energy is off the charts. Your favorite San Diego flavored popcorn company sets up table and starts spreading the love. Bags are flying. The cash is piling up and boxes of popcorn are being decimated. This is a party, Partypop style. 

The day winds on and people are being pushed to the limit. It is now 14 hours later at 10pm. The Partypop team is down to one member with enough energy for one last move. Jimmy Meyerott, Chieftain of Partypop, makes a break for the CWHL table. He slaps down $400 to the lovely ambassador for CWHL and the rest is history. All sales ($400 total) from the day are donated. This donation is able to provide one wig and half way to another for a kid that cant grow their hair. 

There is truly no better way to fill yourself with joy than giving. Being able to donate and know that a kid that can't grow hair can now have a wig that makes them feel normal is an absolutely incredible feeling. That is the Partypop mission. To make this world poppin' for everyone. That's Partypop and hopefully this is inspires you to help make someone in need have a poppin' time.  


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