A Thanks, given from Partypop!

Thanksgiving is quickly arriving and your favorite local, San Diego popcorn company figured it would be the right time to give out some appreciation. As many of you know, it's not a party without Partypop! That is not just a slogan though, it is a way of life. Our mission is to amplify your life with delicious popcorn and upbeat vibes as we continue to grow the Partypop community. While all members are cherished, I'd like to dive into someone who helped greatly this year and the appreciation I have for her exemplifying the Partypop spirit!

I'd like to recognize is my big (little) sister. Here are some quick stats on her:

Rosemary Scarry 

Age : 29

Height : 5'2

Weight : Perfect

Sampling Speed : 1,000 miles per hour

Special Talent : Known to have the ability to read the mind of the customer and know exactly what they'd like, thus creating efficiency and saving any indecision.

Marital Status : Married (sorry fellas)


This is an action shot of her taken mid pour at the North Park Beerfest. Notice the intensity and dedication to providing the perfect sample with intoxicated people foaming at the mouth all around her. With the pressure on, Ro knows the way to go. Petite in stature, she employs superior form and never loses her composure. This lady is a pro! She doesn't come cheap as typically she will demand a months worth of popcorn for her sampling services but she is worth every kernel.

We are very grateful to have people like Rosemary helping out with her enthusiasm and unmatched talents. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and remember always that its not a party without Partypop! 

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