Monthly Wrap Up: February 2023

Welcome, PartyPoppers and Poppettes to our February Wrap-Up! It was a month filled with travel, rain, wind, and of course, Popcorn. Without further ado, check out what we've been up to. 
La Costa Heights Elementary School Carnival! - 2/4/23
We kicked off the month with a hot on site catering gig at La Costa Heights Elementary for their Spring Carnival! Filled to the brim with carnival games as far as the eye could see. We felt like we were there simply to fuel the fun being had by all. Most of our day was filled with panting kids running to our booth, grabbing a bag of their favorite flavor, then sprinting back to the next game. We were exhausted just watching them, but it brought back many memories of our own school fairs back when we were but young, not yet popping kids with seemingly unlimited energy. To the faculty, staff, teachers, and students of La Costa Heights Elementary, thank you for having us. We had a blast.
Orfila Winery Pop-Up!: 2/11/23
For those of you who are unaware, consider this your official invite! Once a month the PartyPop team is setting up a station at the picturesque Orfila Winery in San Pasqual Valley. Not only can you sip on some of the best wine San Diego County has to offer, but you can do it while snacking on your favorite PartyPop flavor and enjoying a view you could usually only find after a grueling hike deep into some of San Diego's mountains. Not only are we selling our prepackaged bags, but making our popcorn hot on-site! We also love to use this opportunity to meet with local wine lovers and pair our popcorn with all their favorite wines. As mentioned in our last month's Wrap-Up, we have been slowly and steadily curating a PartyPop pairing menu, and much of it's success is due to the fine folks (staff and customer alike) at Orfila Winery.
Honestly, we cannot say enough about this event and the weekend as a whole. This was PartyPop's largest event to date, with over 10,000 Phoenix and Scottsdale locals gathering to participate in a party like no other. Dunk tanks, high strikers, GIANT beer pong, and even a live wrestling match! There was no shortage of fun to be had, beer to taste, or pop to eat. Several of PartyPop's partners ventured out into the desert alongside us, unable to say no to such a monumental event. Nearly the entirety of the Pop team was needed for this event. Our CEO Jim, VP Bret, Sales Chief Erik, and Pop master Lowie, all made the great journey. Camping out at Cave Creek Friday night, slinging pop all day Saturday, and camping out once again before making the trek back home on Sunday. An unforgettable trip for the team and an unforgettable event for PartyPop. Arizona... we will be back!
Seltzerland San Diego: 2/25/23

Seltzerland is a traveling seltzer festival that crosses the country to just about every major city to bring our fellow Americans the opportunity to taste any and all seltzer-ish style drinks this world has to offer. With over 100 unique hard seltzers, from big-name brands to undiscovered gems, Seltzerland has them all. Seltzerland has quickly become one of PartyPops favorite events; in fact, last year we traveled to every event they had in California, Arizona, and even Texas. Seltzerland is known for beautiful outdoor venues but do to the stormy weather, this year we were celebrating Seltzers inside at the Broadway Pier. The people of San Diego showed up in droves, many of whom recognized and had had PartyPop before. (An occurrence that is becoming more common but still never fails to surprise and continues to humble us.) This year, PartyPop had the absolute honor of being voted "Best Food On-Site" by the Seltzerland participants. Thank you, San Diego; we love you!
Many of you reading this are more than familiar with the PartyPop brand and team. However, not many know our roots. PartyPop began in 2017 as a small farmers market business; in fact, we used to do 5 farmers markets a week! However, it was the La Jolla Farmers Market that got to host the first ever PartyPop Pop-Up booth and this past week, we got to return to our "home" of sorts... Despite our ever growing business and team, we want to remain a part of the community that supported us first and so, we will be popping up around San Diego Farmers Markets for the foreseeable future. It was great being back at the La Jolla open air market, we got to catch up with a lot of old customers and friends and we look forward to returning next week. We hope we see you there!
We had another stellar month for wholesale despite the two fewer days, with well over 1000 bags delivered to our partners old and new. Check out this months "Pop Stars" below! Also, give a warm welcome to Valley Farms La Jolla, Pedro Point Brewing, and Triton Charters, who joined the PartyPop family this month.
That's a wrap for February 2023! The pop team had an absolute blast and this year continues to beat expectations; new events, new cities, and new clients continue to add to the PartyPop story. March is officially here and we can't wait to see what's in store. See you all soon!
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