Kernel Komplexity

When choosing our Partypop kernel we narrowed it down to these two choices. Let the battle begin! 

Butterfly vs Mushroom  

Mind : We can see that both kernels attracts oil and seasoning well to it and that we can take note of with every bite. The mushroom kernel can't get the oil and seasoning through the middle and you are left with seasoned cardboard. The butterfly on the other hand has an irregular shape allowing pathways for oil and seasoning to mate deliciously providing us with incredible flavor throughout.

Winner = Butterfly  

Body : The Butterfly has tenderness with a delightful crunch without cutting our mouth up the way that the Mushroom kernel does. This further amplifies the eating experience and the Mushroom kernels overly aggressive nature is not conducive to our goals! 

Winner = Butterfly  

Spirit : A Butterfly by definition is something that is free and travels the world without restriction. It is courageous and comes in all different shapes and sizes. A Mushroom is a fungus that grows out of sh** and is more than half the time poisonous! In order to make your Partypop we need our kernel to promote freedom and courage with a hint of crazy! 

Winner = Butterfly 

That my Partypop people sums up about a year of research on which kernel was the best to make your Partypop! Thanks for reading!   

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  • John on

    We bought some of your popcorn at a framers’ market in LaJolla and were hooked. It blew Smartfood out of the water. Now…I see you have home delivery. Only problem? We live in New Hampshire! That might make home delivery problematic. Do you ship cross country? If so, yea! If not, keep up the awesome work and we’ll catch you guys again when we’re back in southern CA this fall. Keep popping!

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